Fijian Aviation - a survey

New Zealand has always had close connections with Fijian aviation. It was two New Zealanders, Leo Walsh and Arthur Upham, who — in June 1921 — made the first flight in the group. The aircraft was a Walsh Bros Supermarine Channel flying boat contracted by the Fijian government for survey flying. Since then many NZ pilots have been involved in the ups and downs of Fijian aviation, primarily in various commercial enterprises. The history of Fijian aviation has been covered in a profile in the October 1972 WINGS. WINGS gliding editor.Ross Maclntyre recently went on holiday to Fiji and decided to take a look at aviation in the small Pacific nation. There wasn't a glider to be found, anywhere. Nor was there much in the way of private owner activity, and nothing by way of recognised flying training. But of airline and charter work based around tourism and communications within the far flung group there was ample evidence.

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