From the Office of the Chief Executive: Air New Zealand Answers

CHRISTCHURCH will not lose its Trans Tasman services when Air New Zealand gets its Boeing 747 fleet — that is the pledge from the airline in answer to one of a series of questions put by Wings. But Air New Zealand does say that Christchurch will have to wait before it sees the 747 services. The airline points out that introducing the 747 will mean dropping service frequency "and it is clearly in the interests of the South Island, in order to maintain a higher frequency for as long as possible, that Christchurch should be the last airport to receive the 747s." In a less than frank response to several of the questions, Air New Zealand is oddly reluctant to discuss discount travel for staff known to be up to 90 per cent — and says that salary levels are a private matter, although the average salary paid to Air New Zealand employees has been provided in Parliament,

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